Women United in Philanthropy hosted the panel discussion “Philanthropy is Personal: Local Women
Share Their Stories” on February 15, 2011 at the Omni Charlottesville Hotel. The panelists were Founding WUP Member Margery Daniel, Ph.D., LCSW; Peggy Echols, Vice President – Operations, State Farm Insurance; and Kate Zirkle, Independent Non-Profit Organization Management

We Join. We Learn. We Give. The posters behind the speakers’ table were a constant reminder of the mission of WUP. Steering Committee Co-Chair, Robin Amato, introduced the panel.

Marjorie led the discussion. “Modern day giving includes giving of time, expertise, and gifts.” She suggested finding your passion and doing your homework; researching the need and the program trying to fill that need. She related the story of the “butterfly effect.” The theory is that the movement of butterfly wings can have significant impact on wind current. “WUP works that way. Through WUP and our collaborative giving we make a significant difference.”

Peggy gets personal enjoyment out of giving. She looks forward to getting her United Way pledge card every year. It is a point of pride working at State Farm to be involved in the community through volunteering and giving. She encourages giving in any way you can whether it’s time or money. “Whatever you can do as an individual can make a difference.”

Kate’s passion is the Boys and Girls Club. She likes to spend time at the Club getting to know the boys and girls. You can’t always write a big check, but you “can give with time and help with fundraising”. Kate also stressed you should expect measured results for your donations.

A follow up question and answer period rounded out the morning. It was another wonderful gathering of WUP members and friends. Thank you to our panelists for sharing their personal stories!