The Building Goodness Foundation received a grant in the amount of $30,000 in 2018 which provided support to three local non-profits:

  • Camp Holiday Trails received new windows and a sliding glass door in their dining area, resulting in better light and a view of nature for the campers. Executive Director Tina LaRoche reports improved efficiency as well as improved natural lighting. She says that the newer windows lead to less anxiety about safety during the active camper activities that happen inside on rainy days. Funded by WUP, the new windows and door has initiated a concerted effort to continue to replace all doors and windows, most of which are over 30 years old.
    • Impact: Better environment for the campers, lessening their anxiety, and with more light, a safer space for indoor activities during inclement weather.

  • Barrett Early Learning Center’s front porch – that was used by over families and their children each day – was deteriorating, making it unsafe. The BGF volunteers found that the foundation was in great disrepair and needed much more stabilization than originally thought. The team stabilized the foundation, laid a new foundation floor, and built a structure that would support a new porch. Subsequently, Barrett installed a new porch deck, allowing an expansive new space for outdoor activities when weather prohibits playground time. With the sound foundation and a new porch, Barrett was able to provide ADA access to the 100-year-old site.
    • Impact: A thorough restoration of the foundation allowed Barrett to build a porch, resulting in a safe play area for 40+ children during inclement weather and the installation of ADA access. As a result of the solid foundation provided by BGF through the WUP grant, the Barrett Learning Center has been brought into compliance with state and federal health and safety requirements as well as having a beautiful space for children.

  • Pilgrim Baptist Church, located in the 10th and Page neighborhood, provides many programs and services for local residents. The church needed a playground in order to open an after- school program and a Head Start early child development program. Over the summer of 2019, BGF and church volunteers built the new playground. Volunteers installed the play structure, swings and slides, and installed mulch. It was a great community event and the church is thrilled with their new play space.
    • Impact: The church reports that the playground is used every day by the community children, and that youth who attend the church use it all the time. Church parishioners say that it is nice to see community members sitting on benches talking to each other while their children play. The church has overheard many community members referring to the playground as the “community park.” Church members say that the play space has opened up new ways for families to engage with each other, and that the playground is a “magnet” for the community.


The bottom line: Because of the WUP funding, at least 700 children and families from low-income or otherwise marginalized families will benefit every year. These projects represent the impact that can be made in our community when nonprofit organizations work together, with generous community members and local companies. We are grateful and honored to be a Women United in Philanthropy Human Services grant awardee and look forward to future collaborations with WUP members.