Women United in Philanthropy is a volunteer organization. All members are invited to participate in our Committees and to nominate other members to serve. Our Committees work together to fulfill our mission to engage like-minded women, learn about community needs and philanthropy, and leverage collective giving to support human services for local women and children. To volunteer, email your interest to

2018-2019 Steering Committee

  • Jennifer Lehman, Steering Committee Chair
  • Allyn Gutauskas, Steering Committee Vice Chair
  • Kimberley Martin, Immediate Past Chair
  • Elizabeth Wright, Communications & Marketing Chair
  • Kimberlee Barrett-Johnson, Grant Chair
  • Kendra Stribling, Grant Vice Chair
  • Peggy Woodall, Membership Chair
  • Kelly Downer, Membership Vice Chair
  • Kristin Cummings Streed, Program & Events Chair
  • Alicia Lenahan, Program & Events Vice Chair
  • Suzanne Brooks, Member at Large
  • Shannon Holland, Member at Large
  • Margie Swanson, Secretary

Communications & Marketing Committee

The Communications & Marketing Committee shares news and information with members and our community. Our key responsibilities are to promote the mission and vision of Women United, serve as ambassadors for the organization, and engage our members and the community. We welcome anyone with skills or interest in media relations, marketing, social media, writing, and website or graphic design.

  • Elizabeth Wright, Chair
  • Shannon Holland
  • Carol Lindsay
  • Alaina Schroeder
  • Elizabeth Willingham

Grant Committee

The Grant Committee serves Women United in Philanthropy’s mission of strengthening our community through the impact of collective giving. Through a comprehensive and transparent annual process, the Committee manages the nomination and selection of grant recipients. This process includes accepting nominations from Women United members, issuing RFPs, reading grant proposals, reviewing non-profit financials, committee engagement and on-site visits.

Calls for 2019 Grant Committee volunteers begin in December 2018.

Our 2019 Grant Committee will be led by:

  • Kimberlee Barrett-Johnson, Chair
  • Kendra Stribling, Vice Chair

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is not only responsible for new member recruitment, but also for engaging and retaining our current members. Working closely with Communications and Program & Events, we are looking for new, creative ideas to engage our members and increase event and committee participation.

  • Peggy Woodall, Chair
  • Kelly Downer, Vice Chair
  • Margery Daniel
  • Mary Pat Hanson
  • Emily Martin
  • Anna Patchias
  • Kristin Sorokti

Program & Events Committee

The Program and Events Committee provides dedicated experiences for Women United Members and prospective members through both educational and social events. We manage program topic selection, speaker/participant selection, and coordinate venue and logistics at the event. Our goal is to be informative, fun and engaging for all our members.

  • Kristin Cummings Streed, Chair
  • Alicia Lenahan, Vice Chair
  • Deborah Conway
  • Anna Mendez
  • Deana Nowell
  • Beth Vanda

Women United in Philanthropy is a volunteer organization and we are always looking for members who want to be more involved. If you would like to be a part of any Committee, please email