The Community Children’s Dental Center is a non-profit full service pediatric dental practice dedicated to caring for children up to 21 years of age who are covered by Medicaid, FAMIS and FAMIS Plus. Their mission is to provide quality dental care to under served children in our community. They place emphasis on education about oral health issues, encouraging personal responsibility and promoting routine preventive service.

On September 15, 2009, Director Ellen Tobey, along with Board Chair and Founder, Dr. William Viglione, accepted the grant of $33,000 on behalf of The Community Children’s Dental Center. Ellen Tobey graciously expressed her gratitude in a letter to Women United donors in the November 2009 newsletter“Please know that the return on your investment is multi-faceted; it is basic wellness treatment that prevents serious chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes, abscess leading to septic infection, and other terrible conditions. And of course, then we have the smile! The smile of a teenager who has perfect healthy teeth and an improved self-esteem, leading to better grades at  school (we hope!) and improved social acceptance at all levels.”